"Noble Drew Ali: Prophet of the People"

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Prophet of the PeopleProphet of the People
Noble Drew Ali: Prophet of the People
Meet the man history never intended you to know, Noble Drew Ali, the redeemer and resurrector of our true history and lineage in the Americas. Learn of the principles he brought to the lost and found Moors. Born Timothy Drew, learn how this man travelled the world and brought lost information back to the Americas, founded the Mooorish Science Temple, and laid the foundation for Moorish Americans to regain their proper status and nationality. Step back in time to 1774 and find out how your nationality was taken and much more... Meet one of the most important figures of the 20th century from the mouths of the people whose lives he has affected.

a full-length documentary ... this film brings you original footage and interviews with the Grand Sheik of MSTA, Temple 11 of Philadelphia, and Sabir Bey, as well as important footage from past lectures of Taj Tariq Bey, C. Freeman El, and Ali Muhammad. This is a must see for those who want a real look at the teachings and legacy of Noble Drew Ali. You can also purchase the DVD below.

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Coming Soon "1492: The Moors in Europe"


Before were were negro, black or colored we were known world wide as Moors. We had nationalities and ruled kingdoms, we did international trade accross seas. And in 711 we came to the aid of our Christian and jewish brothren in Europe who had grown tired of the savage treatment they suffered at the hands of the Vandal and Visigoths. TGE takes a look at the Moorish occupation of Europe, and the effects it had on the indigenous populations in the americas. Learn about your Moorish ancestry and the influence they had on the very laws that govern us here in the Americas.

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